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Review of CBD 2013---Overview

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     Founded on 14 years’ remarkable achievement,China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair (hereinafter referredto as CBD) has developed into an Asian and even the world’s top buildingdecoration fair. The 15th CBD has reached a new height in terms of scale andpopularity with strong growth momentum, giving the buildingdecoration industry a much-needed boost.


Key Word I: Customization & Integration

     In recent years, customization andintegration have become the most popular trend in the building material market.Major brands are trying their best to follow or lead this trend. DuringCBD2013, besides the familiar customized wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, moreand more building materials joined the customization and integration trend.Windows and doors, hardware, sanitary products and many other products took CBDas the best platform to stand out from the market competition.

Key Word II: Intelligence

       Intelligent furnishing is a necessarydevelopment direction of building and decoration industry. During CBD 2013,exhibitors of different product themes displayed their latest technology andseries of intelligent household products presented fresh style and new power.

Key Word III: Green

     CBD 2013 promoted the green andlow-carbon development and made great efforts to enhance the resourceefficiency and recycling The organizer advocated the concept of “Green CBD”,which was highly recognized amongst the exhibitors. A series of onsiteactivities also presented the green concept and environmental protection, whichreflected CBD’s active role in taking social responsibility in sound andsustainable development.

Exhibiting Space: Over 320,000 sqm

Exhibitors:2,641Quality Enterprises.

Professional Buyers: 131,825 from over 20 countries andregions including Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia,Russia, U.S., Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Iran, and over 30 Chineseprovinces municipalities and autonomous regions.

14 Professional Themes CBD-Kitchen



CBD- CeramicSanitary Ware




CBD-DecorativeGlass/Slide Door


CBD-Wallpaper& Fabrics



CBD-Coating & Chemicals


CBD Held “Friendly Equity Transfer Signing Ceremonyand Press Conference”

    CBD was co-hosted by China Foreign TradeGuangzhou Exhibition General Corp (hereinafter referred to as CFTE) andGuangzhou Boya Exhibition Development Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as BoyaExhibition Company). Each of them held 50% share of the fair. With commonaspirations of building a bigger and stronger exposition and based on fairnessand mutual benefits through friendly consultations, Boya Exhibition Companytransferred all its equity of CBD to CFTE. On the evening of July 8, theorganizers held a "Friendly Equity Transfer Signing Ceremony and PressConference" at the Westin Hotel. This transfer is not only a stronginfluence to the long-term development of CBD, but also an epoch-making eventfor Guangzhou exhibition industry. It will have a positive boost to thedevelopment of China's exhibition industry.

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