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Review of CBD 2013---Visitor Analysis

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Numerous attendees with optimizedstructure

      ※CBD 2013 attracted 131,825professional visitors from China and abroad, reaching a new height ofpopularity.

     ※In the four-day fair, the number of visitorsin the halls totaled 374,026, a 24.6% increase over the previous year. Thisindicates that the fair enjoyed a high buying power, the exhibitors wereactive, the products were attractive and the professional visitors showedstrong (keen) interests and stayed long in the fair.

     ※Among all the attendees, those fromregions outside Guangdong (especially East China, North China and CentralChina) accounted for a bigger proportion over other regions. This fully impliesthat the structural adjustment of CBD has produced great results and CBD isgaining stronger popularity in China.

     ※The number of overseas visitors fromkey trading regions (Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore,Russia, U.S. , Australia and etc.) had a stable increase.

     ※More professional buyers came to thefair, including interior designers, decoration chain stores and real estatecompanies.


      For the convenience of buyers, exhibiting areas were arrangedbased on industrial correlations. Buyers from different levels and sectorscould quickly locate their favored brands, latest products and technology asthe fair practiced the “integrated and specialized” exhibiting strategy. Theoptimized structure of attendees also improved the overall quality of the fair,which was conducive to expanding domestic as well as overseas market.

      As Asia’s premier building and decoration fair, CBD has asplendid history of 14 years and always attracts a great deal of mediaattention. CBD 2013brought together numerous media institutions who formed a“media alliance”: Soufun, Sina, Hc360, Sohu and 9zhen released the latestinformation of the industry and products. Huuyaa,Fine Kitchen, Phoenix Home, Home163, Home Decorations, DiscoveringResources, China Kitchen, China Floor, China Windoor and various professionalmedia had heated discussions. All the media made targeted and all-aroundpublicity and promotion, such as holding special report and promotion fairs,sending invitations and emails. All these efforts helped promote the healthyand orderly development of the industry.

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