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Review of CBD 2013---Key Themes

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CBD- Windoor

The most professional show coveringthe complete product chain in China

      CBD-Windoor covered an exhibitingspace of over 90,000 sqm, occupying 10 halls of the entire Area C of CantonFair Complex. The Windoor show was divided into decorative windows and doors,home windows and doors, wooden doors, window-door accessories and otherspecialized zones, which greatly increased the professional level of the fair,and attracted more professional exhibitors and visitors. In recent years,window and door producers have raised their brand awareness and enhancedcompetitiveness by building up brand images. In CBD-Windoor they displayed alarge number of new products featured by wide range, high quality and creativedesign, conveying their distinctive operation concept and philosophy.Flourished with various new window designs, the vigorous trade show was wellreceived by all the attendees.


CBD-Decorative Hardware

Inheriting the glory as the“industrial barometer”

          As a core partof CBD, CBD-Hardware has developed into a professional exhibition area basingon engineering hardware and lockset  and supplementedby kitchen and furniture accessories and other emerging themes. CBD-Hardware2013 covered a total exhibiting space of 60,000 sqm, attracting well-known brands including ASSA ABLOY, Ingersoll-Rand,Kaba, Stanely, ECO, Hutlon, Chinapauls, Seleco, Archie, Tiannu, Olssen,Bangpai, Mingmen, Opike, Lianxun faircased their products. Companies fromKorea, Turkey, U.S., Taiwan and some other countries and regions also formed inteams to exhibit in the fair. Attendees could feel the charm of inheritance andwitness a technology feast of the hardware industry.


CBD-Decorative Hardware

Showing the new style of the “pan-furnishing” time

        Inrecent years, “integration” has become a buzz word in home furniture market andbuilding decoration industries. Carrying on the success of integratedfurnishings pavilion in CBD 2012, CBD 2013 illustrated the concept of“pan-furnishing” further to meet the latest demand in the home furniture marketand respond to the trend of “integration”. In CBD 2013, integrated furnishingpavilion expanded its scale and attracted more tops brands including OPPEIN,TOPSTRONG, LESSO, PAN CASA, de RUCCI, etc. On this plat, visitors can directlyfeel the latest trend of the furnishing market in China.


CBD-Integrated Furnishings

Highlight the advantages of integration

     Carryingon the success of 2012, the development and effects of the Sanitary Ware and Building Ceramicssection was highly recognized bymore and more exhibitors. Hereinto,, Chao’an group showcased theextraordinary charm of “building ceramics capital of China” in Hall 8.1 withenhanced exhibiting image and more cost-effective products. Meanwhile, in orderto highlight the brands from Foshan and expand investment channels, FoshanBathroom Cabinet League and Foshan Shower Room Association made great moves to performas a powerful group in Hall 13.1. Using CBD as a great platform, the sanitary ware and building ceramics sectionattracted more multi-industry buyers and created more business opportunities.



Best platform gathering top brands

     A great kitchen need to make the bestuse of spaces and meet different cooking needs, like a mind reader of theusers. Covering an area of 40,000 sqm, CBD Kitchen 2013 fully demonstrated thecharm of great kitchens by showing the latest high-tech cupboards and kitchenfittings of top brands including OPPEIN, Zbom, vatti, Haier, Fotile, Hettich,CACAR, PIANO, Vanessa, etc. This shows that CBD-Kitchen has already developedinto the best industrial platform with leading brands and the highest number ofvisitors in China.



Perfect show of the customization time

     CBD-Wardrobe 2013 had an exhibitingarea of 50,000 sqm. This year, a large number of brands held the concepts of “intelligent”and “customized” and introduced a series of new materials and designs, whichbrought fresher furnishing experience for the users. Famous brands like SUOFEIYA,LANDBOND CORTEN, HOLIKE, ROCO, B8, MACIO, KOLANI, PATERSON and OOD LIFE,displayed their latest products. This suggests that CBD-Wardrobe is the mostprofessional and influential show in the wardrobe sector. 

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