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Review of CBD 2013---Services

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        Keeping upwith the latest technology trends, CBD 2013 launched CBD App, which is thefirst mobile fair business platform in China’s building and decorationindustry. CBD APP has functions including fair information search, businessnetwork, product guidance, business services nearby, etc, which made greatefforts to build a real “CBD never ends” and attracted many visitors andexhibitors. 11907 people had downloaded CBD App in the four days from July 7thto July 11th. The organizer hopes that CBD App can help exhibitorsand visitors enhance communication during the fair and after the fair


CBD QR CodeCatalog

       In concert with CBD App, CBD 2013 alsolaunched R code catalog, users can get the information of exhibitors byscanning the QR codes, which provided visitors with great convenience. Thismeans people no longer need to carry heavy printed materials while walkingthrough the halls.


CBD On-line

       Compared with last year, CBD online launched a brand new edition.Different segments are divided more clearly. The searching and screeningfunctions have improved and information updating has become more convenient.The new “Channel Promotion” and “Forum” are the hot spot for online marketing.By July 29th, 18,215 suppliers and 37,526 buyers had signed in.Thenumber of members(subscribers?) increased by 80%. This indicates that CBD onlinehas become a sustainable platform for companies to expand their business andgain more and more recognition.



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