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CBD 2013

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TotalScale: 320,000 SQM

Numberof Exhibitors: 2641

Numberof Visitors: 131825

Chinese: 125,299

Overseas: 6,526



To host diversified & high-quality events, CBD 2013has organized multi-level cooperation with interior designers, real estatedevelopers and experts under the themes of "Fashion”, “Technology"and "Environment-friendly", which constructed a dialogue platformbetween the upstream and downstream of the business chain.

◆Opening Ceremony & Summit for “The 5thSession of China Cabinet Festival”

◆China’s Customization Ability:“The 3rdWardrobe Culture Development Forum”

◆“Zhuji” High-end Hardware Saloon

◆In-hall Procurement for Key Buyers







Transportation and Accommodation:

More useful information and favorableguidance are shown at www.cbd-china.comfor your convenience.


How to get your Visa?

Anyone who needs Visa could go to:

Mr. Ma,0086-20-89128219/

We will provide you with the Visa Service assoon as your information in need is obtained for your most convenience.



How to get your free Entry Pass and PressKit?


Invitation and business card for free entry pass

The Visitor’s Registration Counter during theshow will receive you with the invitation and your business card.


Pre-registration online for free entry pass and press kit

The visitor’s Registration Counter during theshow will receive you with Pre-registration Confirmation printed by yourself by30th , June, 2014.


You will get another press kit posted if yourpre-registration information reaches us by 30th, May, 2014.



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